Miss L.

Photography is a powerful art form and being able to capture beauty and character is something Tyler excels at.  In a photo of me in a simple white tank top and grey cotton briefs I see sexy and fierce. In a photo of me on my paddleboard I see strength and spirit. Everyone's definition of beauty is different and being able to collaborate before the session allows your interpretation to be portrayed in the photos.  Whether we were laughing, smiling, posing, singing, dancing, or working to get that perfect shot, I never felt uncomfortable in front of the camera with this exceptional team.

Miss C.

This team has this amazing aura you instantly feel when around them, they bring laughter and this serene presence; they are so talented individually and compliment each other to perfection. They have such an amazing talent and respect for a ladies curves that they were able to highlight all of my unique characteristics in my simple mommy next door daily look. My personal insecurities seemed to disappear immediately! This was hands down the greatest self esteem boosting day I've ever had! I am beyond blessed and thankful I get a gentle reminder with this photographs of the day I revived my confidence, appreciated my mommy curves and just felt beautiful again. I can't express my gratitude to these two enough - It was bliss working with them and I can't wait for another boudoir session with them!"

Miss L.

WOW!! This was such an amazing experience!!! They truly exceeded my expectations and were so professional and fun at the same time! They really made me feel special by ensuring that I was comfortable from the get go, and I immediately felt beautiful and confident! I had so much fun, I can't stop raving about them to my friends! This is really something every woman deserves to do for themselves to see how beautiful they are inside and out. I would do it again in a heartbeat and look forward to working with them again. Thank you so much for this experience!!

Miss J.

There might be magic in these lenses! I recently did a shoot and let me just say I am not the most elegant of individuals. I was worried that once I got in front of the camera I would not know what to do and all of my shots would end up looking like Chandler on Friends with his unfortunate awkward smile. Not the case. This team is awesome, Rachael did my hair and makeup and Tyler was behind the camera. They work incredibly well together and they seem to share the same creative vision and an eye for perfection. Literally all I had to do was be there, they helped me position myself in beautiful ways and made me very comfortable. I have to say it was very fun! My photos turned out so beautifully; I was surprised I could look like that! On top of this they are very nice people and they made the whole session very pleasant, I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a photographer.

Miss A.

I've never considered myself photogenic, or been very comfortable in front of a camera so I was a bit nervous for this boudoir shoot, but I wanted to do something special for my man overseas and also something for myself. The shoot turned out to be an amazing experience! Not only did the pictures turn out above and beyond my expectations, but I had so much fun during the shoot. It was natural and easy and Tyler and Rachael were so much fun. I look forward to doing this again!"

Miss E.

Making the decision to take these pictures was a leap of faith and very out of my comfort zone. But from the moment I walked they did everything possible to make me feel not only comfortable, but very beautiful. Not only did they give me a truly amazing experience with beautiful photos, but most importantly a confidence in myself that I didn't use to have. I cannot thank them enough for the entire experience!

Miss M.

Before the day began I was nervous because I wasn't sure how comfortable I'd feel in front of the camera, but it ended up being fantastic! The moment we started the session I felt absolutely beautiful and completely comfortable with myself. Tyler and Rachael make an amazing team and are some of the friendliest people I know and are the best to work with! I am so very thankful for this experience and also for them making me feel sexy and beautiful in my own skin, because I never thought I would ever feel that confident. I would recommend these two incredible photographers to anyone, anywhere in the world! THANK YOU!!!

Miss K.

I recently lost a substantial amount of weight and still felt like I just didn't fully grasp what my new body looked like. I needed to see it to believe it. I needed the proof to really appreciate all my hard work. I tracked down these two incredibly talented individuals and booked a shoot. Best decision I've ever made! I got very nervous on the day of the shoot, I wondered if I would see what I wanted in the photos or if i was sexy enough to really do this. I was instantly more at ease after meeting a smiling Rachael and a very welcoming Tyler. They have a way of making you feel like a friend and I loved feeling as though I could be myself from the very beginning. Rachael gave me angle worthy hair and beautiful sultry eyes. They picked out outfits and once I looked into the mirror I knew these two were GOOD! I felt sexy and powerful during my shoot. It was fun and exciting and so comfortable because they helped me nail every pose to perfection. After seeing the photos of myself I was in shock. I couldn't believe what they captured. I was blissfully happy just feeling my confidence rise and I couldn't stop starring at these stunning photos. This was really me...Incredible.  I can't thank Tyler and Rachael enough for helping me see the part of me I have been missing, for giving me strength in myself, and capturing and making me feel true beauty.  They are really something else and their talent is raw and so rare to find, I am just so grateful I got to experience it! Thank you!!

Miss A.

In collaborating with Tyler and Rachael, they were able to put me completely at ease and make me feel very comfortable in my own skin. I find myself to be photogenic but I was very nervous about a boudoir shoot. One thing I knew though was I wasn't  going to let this experience pass me by because I was afraid of the outcome; I know that if I had done that, I would have regretted it forever. Tyler and Rachael were amazing at showing me how to be sassy in front of the camera. All the while joking around with me to keep the mood light. After receiving the photos I was just floored. I couldn't believe that the person I was looking at was the same girl who is so clumsy and trips and falls on almost a weekly basis. I think that is a testament to what an amazing photographer Tyler is. He has the ability to capture the hidden moments; the ones that come when you least expect them to be the important and perfect ones.

Miss B.

It was so fun getting all dolled up and feeling sexy...especially in the hands of such talented photographers!! From start to finish I felt so comfortable and confident, all insecurities went out the window, which left me feeling gorgeous and proud of my curves. After having 2 kids it's exactly what I needed!! Tyler and Rachael are a dynamic duo!!

Miss A.

I was so nervous on the way there I almost turned around twice. But I remember it was only about 15 minutes into hair and makeup before Rachael and I were laughing and singing along to our favorite songs. Once we started the actual photos, Tyler was absolutely amazing telling me exactly what to do. This was something I was really nervous about because I didn't want to look completely awkward, but every time he showed me the back of the camera I kept saying, holy cow! That's really me! I went home that day with a confidence I've never had before. It was a truly empowering experience and I think every women deserves to do this for themselves! I can't wait to find a reason to come back and do this again!"